“My name is Kadime Mehmet and I am a dressmaker and designer for my label KADIME.

I have been sewing professionally for 3 years and 12 months ago I discovered THE PATTERN DRAFTER by Maria Martin.

I recently made a gown for the AFL Brownlow Medal which was worn by Lauren Tscharke, (Partner of Carlton player Bryce Gibbs) using THE PATTERN DRAFTER.

I find THE PATTERN DRAFTER to be easy to use and straight forward. It takes the stress out of not only creating a gown that looks great, but also fits perfectly, first time every time. THE PATTERN DRAFTER saves me a lot of time, I can’t live without it.

But best of all with THE PATTERN DRAFTER I don’t have to worry about the fit of a garment; it allows me to get on with the designing.”

“My second Brownlow Dress, I made it, using The Pattern Drafter, thanks once again Maria.”

“As a professional Ballroom Dancer I need to look my best and have a dress that fits me perfectly and allows me to move freely. I found The Pattern Drafter extremely easy to follow, with a perfect fit first time, I am VERY happy with The Pattern Drafter, it has saved me time and money and has made my design ideas a reality.”

The Pattern Drafter – Workshop

Recently I held a workshop on The Pattern Drafter. Below is some feedback from the day.

“I thought the course was excellent. Maria is very knowledgeable on the subject and good at getting across what we have to do.” – Julie

“I liked the one-on-one attention and the process was very clear.” – Fern

“I loved how everything was explained, Maria had a lot of knowledge.” – Jenny

“I found Maria to patient, fun and understanding.” – Brittany

“I really liked everything about this course. Maria was very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Jenny

“I learnt how to make my own pattern to design my own pants, that fit perfectly!” Maria was very nice, extremely helpful and very knowledgeable” – anon

“I loved learning with like-minded people who were enjoying themselves, Maria is an excellent trainer” -anon

“Maria made allowances for the variety of skills that the students possessed. She is competent, intelligent, compassionate and skillful.” – Pamela

If you would like more information on attending workshops, please visit the events page.

“I am really delighted with The Pattern Drafter and the fit of the blouse I made, it is so comfortable to wear. I think that this is the first top that I have made that fits perfectly.”

Tracy Swan

“Many thanks, the book is great for easy to understand instructions and have already drawn up a pattern. I have to say the whole package is really good, beautifully presented, the drafter itself is a such a clever concept.”

Vera Bentley

“Deliriously happy thank you. Got it today and done my toile top already. Perfect. Am spreading the word to friends and this is going to be most beneficial for me. Thank you!”


“Thank you Maria-so thrilled with the Pattern Drafter.”


” Hi Maria, it’s ages since I’ve sent a message and I was going to write again to say how much I love the pattern drafter, as a non-fully professional patterns drafter I use you pattern drafter here in Fiji nearly every day as my daughter has started up a small scale production company and I do the patterns for the orders, your drafter is magic and you can use my recommendation. People are amazed how well the patterns fit their figure”

Jennifer Burgess

” The Pattern Drafter is the best! It is very easy to use. I followed the instructions from the book, and drafted my block patterns (front and back) in under 10 mins.

I am a self-taught fashion designer. I taught myself how to sew, read, use and adjust commercial patterns. Now that I am teaching myself how to make custom designs, I needed to learn how to draft patterns from scratch. Although I love math, the calculations involved in drafting a block pattern is very overwhelming for a beginner. Now with The Pattern Drafter, I will be able to offer custom made designs to my family members, friends and future customers.

Even though my nerd spirit is still learning the old fashion way of drafting a pattern, the simplicity of The Pattern Drafter is the strength of it’s capability and efficiency.

Thank you Maria for your great invention.”

Nirva Zephir

” Hi Maria,
Thank you for the ruler. I have been looking at your creation for quite some time now and reading all the reviews and blogs and to date I have never seen a negative comment all positive comments and praise for this tool.
I am a novice sewer and making my own patterns is something I have always wanted to do got loads of books and done a couple of courses but I still get stuck.”

Lyn Brand

” I just thought I would send you some pictures of garments I made for a lady using The Pattern Drafter. She was so thrilled with the fit and look of her new dresses and slacks. She designed the outfits and I made the patterns from her drawings. I too was also pleased with the result of the finished product. Thanks for The Pattern Drafter it is fantastic”

Judith Benn

“The Pattern Drafter is such a simple and effective ruler that should be incorporated into the school curriculum so that we increase out expertise base and be able to compete with the rest of the world! Amazing piece of equipment. Thanks”

June Leacy

“If you ever come to the USA on the East Coast to do workshops, please let us know via FB. I have drafted one dress block pattern and sewn a muslin for my daughter. Just waiting for her to come home from college so I may fit it etc. I love The Pattern Drafter. It is so easy compared to the other methods of measuring everything etc. Thanks for my Aussie measuring tape, made my job easier.”

Gail Galida, USA.

“I appreciate your help, Maria; you are God’s gift to so many women who can no longer find beautiful garments to fit non-standard bodies! I have always believed that women can feel beautiful in clothing that fits well, and your efforts to help us help ourselves are wonderful.”

Patricia Webb, USA.

“We have received our pattern drafter and are pleased with it.”


“I am still designing and sewing away using your pattern drafter. It revolutionised my sewing! A new teacher at school asked me the other day if I ever wear any bought clothes. I listed on one hand the bought items.”

Jan Auld.

I used THE PATTERN DRAFTER to make my pattern for my niece’s debut gown and it fits her perfectly.

Vhix Yap.

Thank you for your drafter, my mom is very happy with it. The block pattern fits very well.


Thank you very much for the drafter, looking forward to start using it. It looks very, very easy. It took me only 10 minutes to go through your book, it is very clear. Well done.
I learned already from you how to adjust for a hollow back.
Also thanks for the princess line curved bust pattern.

I can make my own patterns, but it is time consuming. This will be a big timesaver and prevents small mistakes.


I bought this pattern Drafter last August , l am delighted with it, making a dress at the moment using this pattern Drafter, l find it easy to use.

I used THE PATTERN DRAFTER to make my pattern for my niece’s debut gown and it fits her perfectly.

Vhix Yap.

I’m so glad to receive the Pattern Drafter. I wilL make my dresses as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your fast service.

Thao, from Belgium

I made the jacket from your notes in the Stitches magazine and I think it looks good. Will be taking it along to my sewing group for them to comment. Thank you for the pattern suggestion which I made with your pattern maker. Best thing I have ever invested in.

Corry Anderson.

Great Tool

I have made 3 pairs of slacks, very pleased with the fit, not bad for a 68 yr old, now I will try some tops thank you so much.


I found this Drafter easy to use, following both the book and DVD that comes with it.

Barbara Jenkins.

New Wardrobe

After my beloved sewing machine, the best and most loved tool in my sewing studio! So quick, so easy to use and no previous drafting experience necessary. I am well on my way to designing, drafting and sewing my completely unique, individual and perfectly fitting new wardrobe! Thanks Maria for this fantastic ruler – I thoroughly recommend it to all sewing enthusiasts.

Karen Pior Freelance Sewing Professional www.sewwellmaide.com.au

Easy to use

Thank you Maria. The pattern maker is indeed easy to use. I have already made two garments.
My main purpose for buying it was so I could make clothes for my daughter who has a typical hourglass figure.
Off the rack clothes are all too short waisted and too big in the waist. She loves the 50 style dresses, but says they all make her look like she has a fat stomach! So now I am able to make her clothes to fit.


Childrens Ruler

I wish you had a children’s size template but I managed to use the adult one for some of the children’s patterns, I did this because your hip and bust measurements go to a very small size, and I just adjusted the back waist measurement, which was easy to work out. Another good use for your invention.



I just wanted to thank you for the classes which I enjoyed so much. They were very informative, fun and relaxed. Knowing that I can now make clothes that fit, and that I am not dependent on someone to fit me has fired up my interest to sew a new wardrobe for summer.

Jennifer Moore

Stitch This, Kyabram

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into sewing after discovering the Pattern Drafter. I have a retail store selling dress fabric and quilting fabrics, so when Maria approached me with her pattern drafting ruler, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. Three years on, we’ve held workshops, demonstrations, retreats and pattern drafting classes, and I’ve made about 26 dresses so far. A girl can never have too many dresses right? Have also made countless tops and trousers, and can even draft patterns for family members. Gone are the days when I had to use commercial patterns that were suited to that perfect body. Mine is far from it. With The Pattern Drafter, I now create and design my own wardrobe that fits me perfectly every time.

Christine Schindler, Stitch This, Kyabram

Fiji Fashion Week

“You may remember I bought two Pattern Drafters at Sewco, Mt Gravatt in Sept.
One was to be used to draft patterns to fit plus size, very tall models at Fiji fashion week. I was surprised at how easy the Pattern Drafter is to use, and how well the dresses, skirts, shorts and pants patterns fit each individual person. You may wish to check it out at http://www.huudaverti.com/”

Fantastic class

“Can’t wait till the design features class later this year.”

Julie Swift

Kerryn’s Fabric World

“I have been an owner operator of a retail fashion fabric shop “Kerryn’s Fabric World” for 32 years. I have found that ladies will sew their own garments IF they can get patterns to fit them. Most ladies that need to sew are NOT stock standard sizes. I have tested and worked with many different computer and drafting systems over my many years in the industry. I was delighted to find Maria Opresnik’s “The Pattern Drafter.” It worked for my unique body shape the first time I used it.

It has been designed and produced by a person that understands quality and simplistic professionalism. I experienced pattern drafting in my year 10 schooling. My needs at that time on my life was not my first priority. Now in my later life my needs have changed considerably. I have experienced a computer generated pattern drafting system but I found my computer skills were not up to the needs of the system. When I experienced the Pattern drafter system demonstrated I said to my self “This is a system I CAN DO myself.” I am a visual learner. With Maria’s teaching experience she has produced a system that covers both visual and written ways of learning. Maria has used her many years of vast experience to produce a simple to understand and use product that actually works. I am delighted to add The Pattern Drafter to our in-store product range. My customers that have invested in the Pattern Drafter have enjoyed using there new block pattern that fits them to use it as a guide to lay the block under some of there commercial patterns that they already have to adjust them to fit there unique body shape. Most of these ladies have attended my in-store colour and image classes. This is where they learn which garment styles suit there face and body shapes. We provide for them with their own unique “Personal Style Portfolio” and they now use this new found knowledge to extend there basic block to add the RIGHT necklines and design lines to create fashion trends that are perfect for them. Why waste time changing a neckline if it doesn’t suit your face or body shape.

Because we are all uniquely different and have our own personal likes and dislikes this is always a very small amount of fine tuning that can be done to the basic block to tweak the block to YOUR personal likes. To discover The Real YOU and gain the knowledge you need to extend your basic block to fashion styles that are perfect for YOU visit. www.kerrynsfabricworld.com  Then click on Colour and Image Analysis.

 I hope all of you receive as much pleasure and successful sewing as I do, with The Pattern Drafter”

Kerryn Swan

“The Doctor of Dress”

Kerryn’s Fabric World

19 Trinder Av Maroochydore 4558 QLD

Email kfabrics@bigpond.com


“I am so much more confident to draft patterns for my customers no matter what their size or shape and helps me to get more customers because I am able to provide accurate patterns for a wide range of sizes and shapes. It is also so…… much quicker than before. I actually enjoy pattern making much more now.”

Anne’s Sewing and Alterations, Queensland


“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your latest invention with The Children’s Pattern Drafter.

As I have been using the original Pattern Drafter for myself for years
now, you can’t imagine my excitement when the Children’s one was finally

I’m loving that as our first grandchild is growing I can just take a few
measurements and quickly draft up a new pattern for our growing little
boy. It’s so good not to have to purchase expensive patterns every time I
want to sew.

Can you believe it, I’m actually keen for loads more grandkids just so I
can create even more.

Thank you so much for a great tool.”



“Maria’s system was an outstanding item and I know many members are now anxious to get hold of it. Our young costume designer, only 23 years old, said when she gets her next contract the money is going to buy one of these. She sees it saving her hours of time spent drafting blocks to make the individual costumes.

I was in Tasmania on Sunday for a meeting of the Guild there and discussion centred on one group that wants to establish a pattern-drafting group.

Consequently “The Pattern Drafter” got a mention. One of the members works in a fabric store in Launceston and often sees the Birch rep so don’t be surprised if you get enquiries from the “island state”.
Once again, I cannot thank you enough for all you did to make our day the great success it was.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Dress and Pants Workshop, learning the ruler and how to apply it. It was so simple once I saw our finished product and realized how it all went together. I have done several courses and this was the best. Maria’s teaching is fantastic and very patient to explain again and again if we were not quite clear. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make their own clothes AND enjoy wearing them because they really do fit!”

Irene Williams, Canberra ACT

“The pattern drafting course last Saturday was inspiring. I enjoyed the simple solutions presented, as well as sharing ideas with others. You have made sewing a joy again. Thank you”

Margie Sneyd

“Hi Maria, I thought the pattern drafter was great. And to actually make a garment from it that actually fitted perfectly. I only had to take in the darts under the bust by about 3mm. Not even really worth mentioning. The woman I made the dress for had a very low bust line and I wondered if the pattern drafter would do it. So I was pleasantly surprised when she tried on the toile and everything was in the right spots. It was the first time I had actually used the pattern drafter. I had a beam from ear to ear. Being in the fashion and couture industry, It makes the end product that much easier to sew knowing that the garment is going to fit the wearer. I recommend the pattern drafter to other sewers. I will never buy another sewing pattern again (I no longer have room for them anyway as I have about 1000).”

Regards Melanie Jayne.

“I learnt a lot and gained new ideas and techniques to try, a most excellent teacher and really clear and easy to follow instructions and diagrams.”

Alysha Vicary.

Bright Retreat

“Many thanks to Maria and Christine for a great weekend.
Friends were made, fun was had. The accommadation and catering was excellent and best of all I now have patterns that fit me, thanks to Maria’s very clear instructions.”


“Very Good very informative and an enjoyable weekend.”


“Dear Maria, Just a short note to say Thank you for the wonderful sewing retreat that you hosted.
lots of good food, laughs and friendships made. I learnt a lot and came away with basic top, skirt and pants patterns and the knowledge that these will fit. GOODBYE Commercial patterns. I can recommend this weekend.”


The Quick Unpick
4th April 2011

Pattern Drafting… the smart way

“3 hours past the edge of the world”
Saturday, February 5, 2011

From the Miraculous to The Unexplainable

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll tell you I took this class at work as part of my job. However, no one asked me to write this up and I wouldn’t if I wasn’t impressed.

First, the Miraculous: Today I made a full set of basic blocks or slopers or whatever you want to call them. Maria Opresnik is a very clever dressmaker and drafting teacher in Australia, she invented a special ruler designed to take 7 measurements and create a perfectly fitting block. It’s called Maria Martin’s Pattern Drafter.

After wrestling with a vintage pattern-making textbook which yielded questionable results, I didn’t think it could be that simple and approached the class with a certain measure of skepticism. I knew I made rookie mistakes with my other sloper, I wasn’t sure how to take some of the measurements and used reams of polytrace making a series of so-so slopers which I don’t use. It’s frustrating because I spend enough time altering patterns to fit I often think I should just start from scratch, but I lacked the right foundation. So how could a little template work magic?

Maria ran a lovely class of 12 individual women. We were all different body shapes and had varying levels of skill, as you’d expect. I am blown away. Not only did I make my dress front and back, a sleeve, two collars, a pants sloper, dress and pants muslins in five leisurely paced hours- everything fit. Mine fit me, my partner’s fitted her, everyone had a good fit.

Those of us with larger busts needed a little tweaking, but she tweaked deftly and transferred it to our slopers. After my bust tweak (hehe), my sloper closely resembled my usual bodice pattern after I do a FBA- armscythe, width, length, and dart depth. I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of me in my dress before I cut it up to transfer the tweakings but I’m itching to extrapolate a new blouse.

Worth looking into. I think this could be the next “thing.” Her design is elegant simplicity, not “slap it together and make it work but it looks like crap” simplicity. If you know what I mean. The book is spiral bound and painfully clear (imagine if Amy Butler wrote the instructions…), and Maria herself is calm, patient, and she dressed in an impeccably fitted linen dress with pleated interest.

Here’s my pants muslin, my photographer didn’t inform me I pinned too hastily, that’s the wrinkle-pull. Just wait til these become K.Hepburn pants.

No smiley shorts. Nothing. The pulling is my pinning but I’m not going to re-photograph.
My goodness.

Just make it sew
The Perfect Fit!
Posted on March 7, 2011 by justmakeitsew

Early on in my stay here in Melbourne, you may remember that I met a woman (Maria) at the Australian Quilt Market who had designed a ruler called The Pattern Drafter. At the market, Maria had given me a very quick demo on making a pattern sloper for a bodice and showed me a muslin she had created using her Drafter. Using only her ruler and a measuring tape, she told me that you could create a sloper for a bodice, a skirt, pants or a sleeve. Taken together, these slopers are all that is needed to create custom designed clothing that will fit each individual, using your own body measurements.

Naturally, I was curious and wanted to know more. She told me that she would have some workshops coming up at the beginning of the year that would provide a hands-on experience using her ruler.

I kept in touch with Maria over the holidays and agreed to meet her after I returned from our trip to New Zealand. Finally, the appointed day arrived and I traveled two hours by train, to a town in the state of Victoria called Bendigo. Maria met me at the train station and took me to her studio for the workshop. Our time together was less of a workshop and more of a private tutorial on how to use the ruler.

During our time together, we created a sloper for dress and pants. It went so quick I had just enough time to sew up the muslin for the dress before heading back to Melbourne. The muslin sample fit like a glove! My time with Maria was like meeting an old friend, she was a pleasure to meet and work with. We had much in common and I enjoyed talking to her during our time together.

One of the things I was most interested in drafting was a pattern for a pair of nicely fitting pants. If you know me at all you know that I almost always wear a skirt. This is partly due to the fact that I have a very hard time finding pants to fit nicely that are not too tight, too low in the waist and do not ride down when I sit down.

Well , as I write this blog, I am wearing a pair of pants. A pair of dark denim city shorts to be exact. For the waistband, I made a facing and after sewing it on, understitched it to help hold it in place. I placed the zipper in the center back so that there is no extra bulk over my tummy or hips. Regardless of where I placed the zipper, I had the freedom to make them any way I so desired. I even had control over the length. It is wonderful to know that I now have a workable pants pattern. And, I won’t stop here. I see a dressy pair of jeans in my future along with linen capris and a wide leg pair of trousers for the fall.

At the moment, a have few extra pounds on me. (I didn’t know the food in Australia would be so good!) My point in bringing this up is that when I proceed in making another pair of pants and have lost some of this extra fluff, I will still have the Drafter to make myself another pattern. I will always be able to make a nicely fitting pair of pants for myself. Same goes for a blouse, jacket, dress, skirt – whatever!

Do you have a problem with measurements from where you are not the same size on top as on the bottom half? Using the Pattern Drafter it doesn’t matter as long as you take accurate measurements. My measurements are currently in centimeters, but it could be in any form. At first I felt apprehensive, but I don’t find that to be a problem. Why you ask? Because a number is a number is a number. Once you have taken the necessary measurements in centimeters (or whatever sizing) you only work with those numbers.

Lastly my fellow sewista’s — just so you aren’t left out — you won’t have to travel to Australia to purchase this wonder ruler or take a workshop. Just Make It Sew in Burlington, New Jersey will be the first among shops in the States to satisfy your curiosity and quest for the perfect fit! I will be offering a workshop on the Pattern Drafter soon after I return from Down Under. Check out the JustMakeitSew website for more details and reserve your spot now for this class. I will have a few of these wonder rulers for sale and will be taking orders for more if needed.

A Message from Sewco.

“The Pattern Drafter classes at Sewco Sewing and Patchwork Centre were just “miraculous” according to those who attended them. “It was just so simple and accurate,” said Dianne who is planning to start dressmaking again after avoiding it for years. She is also going to make basic pattern toiles for her daughters so they can also start making their own clothes. “I have learnt so much and feel so inspired. The measurements were so easy to take and then it was no trouble to draw up the master pattern,” Dianne said. Everyone agreed that The Pattern Drafter System had inspired them and they couldn’t wait to start on their new correctly fitted clothing. Brenda, a trained Home Economics teacher, who teaches dressmaking, said she was very impressed with the ease of use of Maria’s The Pattern Drafter. “She has refined the methods we learnt in the past to fit in with modern styling and methods,” Brenda said. “The accuracy of the system is most impressive and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.”Stephanie, who teaches dressmaking and is encouraging younger women to sew their own style of clothing, also found The Pattern Drafter easy to use. “Fitting adjustments are simple to do, so you can keep your basic pattern up to date no matter what figure changes you have,” she said.”

Sewco blog
Fantastic success with The Pattern Drafter
Posted by Raye on February 9, 2011

What a wonderful fun time was had on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday with Maria Opresnik from The Pattern Drafter.

Firstly Maria spent the time on Friday explaining how she had designed her unique system after years of teaching Fashion at Tafe, then the design tuning until she was absolutely satisfied with the way her special ruler worked.

And work it definitely does. Just ask the 25 ladies who were lucky enough to take part in The Pattern Drafter Workshops over the weekend.

Just 7 measurements – yes, only 7, are needed to draft a properly fitting pattern.

Then the girls made up their “toiles” in calico and were checked for fit.

We have the full system for sale here and our teachers have been trained in its use.

Did you miss out on this great learning event? Let us know if you would like the chance to become an expert pattern fitter and do Maria Martin’s Pattern Drafter Class and if there are sufficient numbers we can schedule another class. So please contact using the “Speak Your Mind” box below or email to mtgravatt@sewcosewingandpatchwork.com

See some of the pictures of the fun the girls had pattern drafting below.

“It’s a fantastic tool, perfect results every time”

Monica Poole Designs

“I love the Pattern Drafter, use it all the time, thank you for your innovation, and congratulations!!!”


“I have now been using the Pattern Drafter for four years. As a dressmaker catering for custom “Made to Measure” garments for ladies from petite to plus size, I couldn’t do with out the Pattern Drafter.

My customers are delighted , especially when they find it hard to find garments that can fit accurately in the style and material they like. With The Pattern Drafter, I am confident to fit all sizes. I use it all the time and love it, knowing that it works so well for each and every customer”

Anne’s Sewing & Alterations Brisbane.

“Wonderfull Maria, best sewing tool that I have ever invested in. Use it for my self and daughter all the time. Thank you again for all the help you have given me.”

Corry Anderson Brisbane

We thoroughly enjoyed the dress and pants workshop weekend, held at the Meredith Community Learning Centre

Maria you are such a talented person your teaching skills are fantastic, with such patience and care, nothing was a trouble for you to explain.

The ruler is totally AMAZING along with your beautiful easy to follow book of instructions. The ruler makes drafting something everyone can achieve one does not need to be good at maths to use it.

Maria we can not thankyou enough for bringing the joy back to sewing clothes, we all learnt so much with plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

We wish you every success with your Pattern Drafter.

Meredith Sewing Group.

Dear Maria,
I have enclosed some photos of garments that I have made since purchasing The Pattern Drafter.
I just “LOVE IT”. To know that I can plan my patterns out, fit the pieces on bits of odd fabrics is a great feeling. Even better is to know it’s going to fit me.
Thank you Maria, I love my sewing and you’ve made it so much better.

Bev Lawton.

“I have a business where I sew made to measure women and children’s clothing, and The Pattern Drafter along with the new Children’s Pattern Drafter has certainly made my job easier, quicker and look more professional. I can never thank you enough Maria for two great inventions.”