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Welcome to The Pattern Drafter

Are you tired of adjusting patterns to find that they still don’t fit?

The Pattern Drafter and The Children’s Pattern Drafter have both been developed to ease that pain. These two pattern drafting rulers, with step-by-step instruction/design books, will not only give you the ability to get that perfect fit, but also give you the confidence to make clothing for men, women and children of any age, size or shape, all with a simple to use ruler!

No previous experience in pattern making is needed to draw the block patterns. Anyone can do it!

Now you can make dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, sleeves, pants and collar patterns, the quick and easy way.

This is truly a fast and easy way of making your own patterns, for the entire family.

The Pattern Drafter puts you in charge of the perfect fit.

Proudly Australian Designed, Made and Owned.

What our customers are saying…

The Brownlow Dress

Kadime Mehmet. (fashion designer)

I recently made a gown for the AFL Brownlow Medal which was worn by Lauren Tscharke, (Partner of Carlton player Bryce Gibbs) using THE PATTERN DRAFTER.

I find THE PATTERN DRAFTER to be easy to use and straight forward. It takes the stress out of not only creating a gown that looks great, but also fits perfectly, first time every time. THE PATTERN DRAFTER saves me a lot of time, I can’t live without it!

But best of all with THE PATTERN DRAFTER I don’t have to worry about the fit of a garment; it allows me to get on with the designing.”

The Brownlow Dress 2012

Kadime Mehmet. (fashion designer)

“My second Brownlow Dress, I made it, using The Pattern Drafter, thanks once again Maria.”

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